Photoshop® Action Script Package for 3D Product Box Cover Graphics

Frequently Asked Questions

/Frequently Asked Questions

You can download a trial version of the eCover Go – Action Script Package here:

The Trial Version is only for Windows!

The final output resolution generated by  50 photoshop action scripts is 72dpi and suitable for web only. The scripts are not recommended for print publications.

The other 100 action scripts in this package are in 300dpi resolution and suitable for print.

Open Photoshop – > Window -> Actions -> Click on the arrow on the right side -> Load Actions -> Browse to “c:\Program Files\eCover Go\Action Scripts” and load all action script (filename.atn) files into photoshop.

To speed up the process you can either copy the “eCover Go – Action Scripts” link file to your Adobe Photoshop Folder at c:\Program Files\Adobe Photoshop\Presets\Actions or your can manually create the link to the folder “c:\Program Files\eCover Go\Action Script Templates” within the Photoshop Actions folder.

To design a Cover simply select your favorite cover type and play the
“Design Cover” action. Design your own unique cover and when done
play “Render Cover” followed by “Finalize and Play Around”. Now you
can change lighting, background image, shadow type etc. to finalize your Cover. When done save your cover with or without shadows, with transparent background or photo backgrounds. You can easily combine different covers to create great looking multi product presentations.


If you are using the action script on your MAC you may need to manually select the required action script templates. Once you play an action script you need to select the template.

Below is the list of templates in the following format:

X) ACTION SCRIPT NAME (Action Script Template Folder)


If you want to create a Folder select the Action Script “Folder – Right Turn” and use the Templates in the Action Script Templates folder “Folder”

1) Folder – Right Turn (Folder)
2) CD Case – Closed – Left Turn (CD Case Closed)
3) eBook – Tilted – Right Turn (eBook)
4) Ring Binder – Tilted – Right Turn (Ring Binder)
5) DVD Case – Open – Right Turn – DVD (DVD Case Open)
6) Software Box – Left Turn (Software Box)
7) CD – DVD – Flat (CD – DVD)
8) CD Case – Open – Right Turn (CD Case Open)
9) DVD Case – Closed – Right Turn (DVD Case Closed)
10) Hardcover Book – Right Turn (Hardcover Book)
11) CD Case – Left Turn (CD Case)
12) Postcard – Left Turn (Postcard)
13) Member Card – Tilted – Right Turn (Member Card)
14) Phonebook – Tilted – Right Turn – Flat (Phonebook)
15) eZine – Tilted – Right Turn (eZine)
16) Audiobook – Right Turn (Audiobook)
17) Ring Binder – Tilted – Left Turn (Ring Binder 2)
18) Ring Binder – Open (Ring Binder Open)
19) iPod – Left Turn (iPod)
20) VHS Tape – Tilted (VHS Tape 1)
21) VHS Tape – Left Turn (VHS Tape 2)
22) CF Card – Tilted (CF Card)
23) eBook – Tilted – Left Turn (eBook 2)
24) eBook – Left Turn (eBook 3)
25) eBook with Notes – Front (eBook 4)
26) Matchbox – Left Turn (Matchbox)
27) Matchbox – Tilted (Matchbox 2)
28) PDA – Left Turn (PDA)
29) Can – Front (Can)
30) Ring Binder – Left Turn (Ring Binder 3)
31) Clipboard – Left Turn (Clipboard)
32) Magazine – Tilted – Left Turn (Magazine)
33) Software Box 2 – Left Turn (Software Box 2)
34) CD Case – Flat (CD Case Flat)
35) DVD Case – Closed – Left Turn (DVD Case Closed 2)
36) DVD Case – Closed – Left Turn – DVD (DVD Case Closed 3)
37) DVD Case – Tilted – Left Turn (DVD Case Closed 4)
38) Software Box 3 – Left Turn (Software Box 3)
39) CD Case – Open – CD (CD Case Open 2)
40) Folder – Left Turn (Folder 2)
41) Software Box Large – Left Turn (Software Box 4)
42) DVD Case – Closed – Left Turn – Flat (DVD Case Closed 5)
43) DVD Case – Closed – Front (DVD Case Closed 6)
44) DVD Case – Open – Left Turn (DVD Case Open 3)
45) DVD Case – Open – Front (DVD Case Open 2)
46) DVD Case – Left Turn (DVD Case Open)
47) DVD Case – Open – Left Turn – DVD (DVD Case Open 4)
48) Gum Package (Gum Package)
49) eBook – Right Turn – Open (eBook 5)
50) DVD Case – Tilted – Front – Open (DVD Case Open 5)
51) DVD Case – Left Turn (DVD Case Open)

Yes, the Actions are also compatible with Mac.

For the Low Resolution Actions you need Adobe Photoshop 6 or higher (All Language Versions) and for the High Resolution Actions you need Adobe Photoshop CS2 or higher (English Version Only)

The eCover Go Action Script Package comes with over 50 Low Resolution (72 dpi) Actions for Web Usage and over 100 High Resolution (300 dpi) for Print Purposes.

Yes, in order to use the eCover Go Action Scripts you need Adobe Photoshop. You can not use Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Yes, we use 2Checkout, Google Checkout and Paypal for payment processing and you can use a Credit Card to make the payment.